Ways to get involved

Participate in the Framed Infill Network’s activities in the following ways:

  • If you are working on a research, design, or implementation project to improve the earthquake performance of concrete frame buildings with masonry infill walls, let us know! Please send a very brief summary on your project, including a link to your internet presence if you have one, to GeoHazards International Project Manager Dr. Janise Rodgers at rodgers@geohaz.org.
  • Contribute resources you’ve developed in your country.
  • Help us create an engineering guidance document for new buildings.
  • Please help us refine a draft research and project development agenda.
  • If you would like to lead other initiatives related to infill buildings, please let us know.
Please contact GeoHazards International Project Manager Dr. Janise Rodgers at rodgers@geohaz.org.
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