Objective: The objective of the Framed Infill Network is to create, validate, document and disseminate ways to make beneficial use of infill walls in both new construction and retrofit in order to improve the seismic safety of buildings with concrete frames and masonry infill walls.

Scope: The network’s members would conduct research, engineering design, construction, education, outreach, and training. The network would focus on building systems where the concrete frame is constructed first, followed by construction of the infill walls.

Strategy: The network would promote and coordinate international collaboration amongst researchers, engineers in practice, architects, builders, and building officials. The primary means of collaboration would be electronic, facilitated by a framed infill network website and online collaboration tools.   Face-to-face meetings and presentations would be held in conjunction with international conferences, where it is convenient for members to attend and there are opportunities to engage the broader earthquake engineering community in the work.

Framed Infill Network | An Initiative of GeoHazards International | 200 Town and Country Village, Palo Alto, California USA 94301