EERI supports the development of the Framed Infill Network

The EERI Endowment Fund is supporting a key set of Framed Infill Network activities. As a result of its annual Call for Innovative Project Proposals, EERI awarded GeoHazards International (GHI) a $25,000 grant from its Endowment Fund in March 2011. The grant will support efforts to develop a draft engineering design guideline document for new framed infill buildings, review current literature,  prepare a working document on research needs, and strengthen and expand the network. GHI Project Manager and project Principal Investigator Dr. Janise Rodgers will work with small teams of Framed Infill Network members to complete the project and coordinate with EERI’s existing initiatives on concrete buildings, such as the World Housing Encyclopedia, Concrete Coalition and Confined Masonry Network. Leaders of the project activity teams are EERI members Prof. Gregory Deierlein of Stanford University (draft engineering design guideline document for new buildings), Prof. Khalid Mosalam of the University of California, Berkeley (literature review), and Prof. Sarosh Lodi of NED University of Engineering and Technology in Karachi, Pakistan (research needs working document).

EERI’s Special Projects and Initiatives Committee selects small, creative and innovative projects for support by the Endowment Fund. These projects recognize the multidisciplinary challenge of earthquake risk reduction and the broad geographic and professional composition of EERI’s membership. Read more about Special Projects and Initiatives of the EERI Endowment Fund here.

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